Advancing our core mission of economic empowerment for everyone.



Advancing our core mission of economic empowerment for everyone.

Million Stories Media

We’re attacking the problem of financial literacy with an entirely new approach. Through the power of entertainment and storytelling. We believe engagement is the first step to learning and making positive, long-lasting changes.

We’re creating a free,  first-of-its-kind entertainment channel, Million Stories, which will produce and broadcast compelling content relevant to financial and entrepreneurial matters to mobile and desktop devices and social platforms. Focused on Millennials, the content will consist of comedy and drama, news and talk, scripted and unscripted and user-generated programming coupled with integrated learning that will be distributed through our channel and external distribution opportunities.

Our hope is that the channel will help generate a national conversation about the topic and empower its audience to spark a national movement to gain the financial skills to manage their financial futures with competence.

Million Stories. Entertainment that’s right on the money.

Taking the dull out of finance.

We’re going to move hearts and minds through the power of storytelling and pure entertainment.

You’ll laugh. You’ll be amazed. You’ll be captivated. It just might be the most rewarding programming you’ve ever seen.

100% Trustworthy

A great deal of financial information on the web is tied to paid services. All information on presented on Million Stories is here purely to present useful information

Venture Valley™ – The Game

The most natural, engaging and memorable way to learn is through play. We’re creating a video game competition that brings both entrepreneurial and personal financial skills to life. The simulation will immerse you in fun, exciting situations starting with your first simple business and growing it into your business empire and personal fortune through building increasingly sophisticated companies that allow you to see the results of your decision making.

We plan to launch a national competition where the best players inspire us with their skills and have the opportunity to win exciting real world prizes that can help them achieve their goals – all while playing an immersive and fascinating simulation.

Launching 2021 on Mobile and PC.

Fast, Fun Learning

A compelling simulation that allows you to experience what it’s like to start from scratch and build a business empire, and to learn without even realizing it.

Real World Prizes

Players will have a chance to compete for valuable prizes designed to help them achieve their real-life goals.

Venture Valley™ – The Game
Featured on Bloomberg News

In this Bloomberg News interview, CEO of Super League Gaming, Ann Hand, talks for several minutes about Venture Valley. The coverage starts at 4 minutes and 46 seconds…
Venture Valley. Coming soon, and the industry is taking notice…

The EntrepreneurShop

Coming soon: A one-stop resource with everything you’ll need to start and grow a business, all free. This is where entrepreneurs of all types will come to find the content, tools, and community they’ll need to reach their goals, making it possible for anyone, anywhere to make entrepreneurship a part of their life.

Meanwhile, sign-up for exclusive events, resources, content, and regular updates on the latest and greatest entrepreneurial happenings. And when you do, you’ll receive a free ebook from The EntrepreneurShop’s in-house experts to get you started.

The CEO Prize

Presented by the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship in recognition of extraordinary lifetime achievement by a Chief Executive Officer, the award is inspired by the remarkable work of Henry Singleton, engineer and founder of Teledyne, Inc..

The purpose of the Singleton CEO Prize is to honor a living CEO whose work demonstrates a combination of the qualities of talent, vision, focus, and commitment, and has produced exceptional returns for shareholders. Their work represents the epitome of achievement in the application of ideas and skills and can serve as an inspiration to us all.

Honoring the Best of the Best

In recognition of extraordinary lifetime achievement by a Chief Executive Officer, whose work and accomplishments will serve to inspire.

A $250,000 Donation

The annual prize includes a $250,000 donation to a non-profit, designated by the honoree, that furthers the mission of the Singleton Foundation.

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.”

— Charles Dickens