We're dedicated to making financial literacy fun, engaging and accessible to all.

Most people lack basic financial competence. And that's bad for everyone.

Financial illiteracy is a major American problem.

Although most people want to make smart financial decisions, most of us never had the chance to learn how to do so. Huge segments of the population are essentially clueless about money, and this creates a world of issues that negatively affect every aspect of one’s personal life, as well as society as a whole. The problem is especially acute among people 18-30. In fact, there are 83 million millennials, and of them, 62 million are financially illiterate (George Washington University, August 2017).

Making matters worse, financial literacy isn’t widely taught in schools, and it’s often hard to find information that’s relevant to your situation, timely and interesting.

It’s a subject so personal, most people would rather reveal just about any other problem than a financial one. For many people, the subject is so unpleasant or seemingly hopeless they simply choose to ignore it, which is just about the worst choice possible.

We're doing something to help change that.

The Foundation and our many generous partner organizations and volunteers are going to:

Shine a bright light on the problem.

Start a National conversation that helps spark a movement to correct the problem.

Create content on financial competency that’s so entertaining, fun, newsworthy and compelling, you’d watch it irrespective of whether you’re interested in the topic or not.

Develop and implement innovative technology solutions to make learning about financial matters completely engrossing and habit-forming.

Promote entrepreneurism and help provide the information and tools entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Make it easy for people to find great, digestible, understandable, relevant and trustworthy information, and  fast.

Create new methods to measure our results so we can continually improve through iteration.

Recognize individuals who are making significant contributions to the solution.

Team Members

A wealth of experience in entertainment, technology, finance and education.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."— Benjamin Franklin

Because everyone deserves financial freedom.

Will and Cary Singleton founded the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship for two reasons: to create a viable means to combat the dire problem of financial illiteracy in our society, and to promote entrepreneurship as a way to inspire individual achievement. These goals are complementary, and are essential to our dream of financial freedom for all Americans.

The high percentage of US citizens with significant student debt, the lack of economic and financial literacy education available in schools, and the alarming statistics about the number of Americans living paycheck to paycheck coupled with the need to prepare our citizens for the careers and opportunities presented by rapid technological advancements motivated them to take action.

Will and Cary believe that that each of us can be become the CEO of our own lives with access to education and resources, and have dedicated themselves to focusing on programs which they hope will have a positive long-term impact on the health of the nation.

Meet Will and Cary

Will Singleton manages Singleton Properties LLC (aka Singleton Ranches), which is engaged in the land and cattle business. He was involved in the computer industry for many years, primarily as a software engineer. In addition to the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, he is active in the support of various educational and health-related organizations.

Cary Singleton has had careers in designing and building homes, marketing, manufacturing, and business leadership. She was previously active on boards of local and state organizations in Arizona, Oregon and California relating to housing (Habitat for Humanity & National Homebuilders Association), mentoring (Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Tucson Children’s Museum, Paxis/Peacebuilders Violence Prevention) and various arts organizations.