Our Purpose

Economic freedom
and financial empowerment
for everyone.

We want to make financial competence a reality for everyone, to promote entrepreneurship and to inspire individual achievement.

The problem
is urgent.

The pervasive lack of financial competence and declining entrepreneurship are problems which are costing our Nation billions. According to a 2020 Charles Schwab Financial Literacy Survey, 89% of Americans agree that lack of financial education contributes to some of the biggest social issues our country faces, including poverty (58%), lack of job opportunities (53%), unemployment (53%), and wealth inequality (52%).

This has to change.

How we’re addressing the problem

Our work is designed to inspire our users to action, to take control of their financial lives. We capture an audience who has a million distractions, a short attention span, and who live on their phones. We engage them with compelling, memorable content that grabs their curiosity and allows them to momentarily escape their reality—all while learning in a fun way.

Perhaps most importantly, we not only motivate, we provide a host of helpful tools and learning resources, all free, which make it easy to set goals and become a master of one’s financial future.

Entrepreneurship is down.
We’d like to help turn that around.

The rate of U.S. startups has been falling for decades, declining by more than 50% (according to the Kauffman Foundation). The negative effects of this are profound, as new businesses are overwhelmingly responsible for the innovation which drives economic growth and new jobs.

Our goal is to provide individuals the tools, knowledge and support they need to overcome any fear of failure they might have and embrace the exciting opportunity of creation.

Think like an entrepreneur

I was asked what I want my legacy to be? What impact do I want to have in the world?  What I said was: Entrepreneurship

— Cary Singleton, CEO & Co-Founder of
Singleton Foundation

What is the significance of the hummingbird logo?

We chose the hummingbird as the symbol of our Foundation as it perfectly represents so many of the values we hold close.

For centuries, it has been a metaphor of hope, energy, lightness and joy. Hummingbirds pollinate flowers no other animal can reach. We aspire to reach everyone and make this knowledge available to all.

Singleton Foundation Humming Bird Logo



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