The Singleton Foundation team is joining forces with key community leaders and organizations to commit to the financial health of the Tucson community.

We’ve created a comprehensive, free initiative designed to help raise Tucsonans’ financial competence, encourage entrepreneurship, and gain the skills they need to plan their financial futures with confidence. These skills and new businesses create jobs and economic opportunities that are vital to the health of each individual, as well as the health of the entire community.

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Available now to enhance the financial health of Tucson, Arizona.

A free, easy to implement program.

It’s easy to get involved and take advantage of the free resources and entertainment content we have available.

As a participant in the program, you and your organization will receive engaging, inspiring videos, as well as proven learning resources from Million Stories Media. And most of these materials are available in Spanish.

Other major components of the program include:

Customizable instructional guides which make learning about financial concepts easy and entertaining for anyone

Digital and printable marketing materials to promote the program

Customizable press materials

Metrics to gauge program success

Access to Venture Valley Game, a new esports-style entrepreneurship video game for mobile and PC

Access to the EntrepreneurShop, a one-stop source for getting started on the road to your own business

Our turnkey instructional guides are designed to help anyone become financially healthy, wherever they are in life, and cover topics such as:

Basics of banking and budgeting

Starting an emergency fund

Filing your taxes

Managing debt

Understanding loans, credit cards, and credit scores

Making future plans and money goals

Entrepreneurship and small business

Steering Committee

AGM Container Controls

With thanks to our Tucson Steering Committee:

Ana Greif
Chuck Zaepfel
Dave Mason
Dominic Ortega
Ellen Howlett
Hector M. Treto
Howard Stewart
James Craig
Jeannie Gadea
Liz Pocock
Melissa D’Auria
Nancy Johnson
Paul Mendoza
Tony Penn

It’s easy (and free) for you and your organization, or your community, to get involved.

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Community Commitment Team


Margaret Golonka, Community Commitment Project Manager

Margaret started off her career in the arts and design, working as a graphic designer with a special focus on nonprofits and community organizations working for social good. With her creative background and BA in Studio Arts from Arizona State University, Margaret often brings inventive solutions to tackle tough problems.

As a project manager for the foundation, Margaret primarily manages the Tucson Community Commitment program, which is designed to see how the foundation’s work can cause positive change on a local level by increasing a community’s financial health.

Linda Kehn, Head of Strategic Alliances

Linda is a seasoned marketing executive with a track record of successfully developing and managing world class marketing campaigns for global partners. In addition to her work with nonprofits, Linda has developed successful educational partnerships between Scholastic and Levi’s, Facebook, Wells Fargo, and Microsoft. Previously, Linda led the DreamWorks Animation National Promotions team and oversaw the studio’s global corporate alliance partnerships over her nine-year tenure at the studio.

Jeff Hare, Public Relations

Jeff Hare began his PR career at the Walt Disney Company in feature publicity and went on to Warner Bros as Sr. Publicist. He is a three time nominee for the Les Mason award (Publicist of the Year). In 2008, Hare took the role of Head of Publicity at DreamWorks Animation working on all aspects of the company’s business including films, television, theatrical, technology, corporate communications, and personal publicity for CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg.



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