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We believe that through the power of storytelling, entertainment and play, we’ll be able to capture attention, get people engaged and motivate them to learn, take action and make positive changes in their lives. To do so, we’ve assembled a team of entertainment, technology, education, financial and nonprofit professionals.

Sarah Adolphson

Sarah Adolphson, Philanthropic Advisor

The Artemis Agency is a full service philanthropic advisory firm for the entertainment industry and beyond. We support the Foundation with partnerships, talent engagement, event programming, the Advisory Council & more.
Courtney Appell

Courtney Appell, Philanthropic Advisor

The Artemis Agency is a full service philanthropic advisory firm for the entertainment industry and beyond. We support the Foundation with partnerships, talent engagement, event programming, the Advisory Council & more.
Erik Bass

Erik Bass, Technology Director

Erik has spent the better part of the last two decades deep in development of business systems and IT management. He’s worked for big companies like GE and Zynga, and has been on the ground floor at startups in FinTech.
Shelley Miles

Anahit Begluyan, CPA

Anahit brings more than 11 years in diverse accounting and business consulting to her role as a Certified Public Accountant. With a background in audit, she specializes in non-profits and the entertainment industry.
Tim Carr

Tim Carr, Head of Marketing, Million Stories

Tim is a seasoned marketer with deep experience growing engaged digital audiences to over 20M+ for leading brands like Live Nation, Jerry Bruckheimer Films/TV, celebrities and non-profits. Tim is Boston University graduate & SDUIS Adjunct Professor.

Jon Chen, Marketing Manager, Venture Valley

 Jon brings a deep well of expertise to the table, with a strong focus on the gaming and esports industry. His career includes key marketing and partnership roles at leading gaming organizations such as TSM and NRG, as well as endemic brands within the sector such as MSI and Lenovo.
Amanda Chin Yee

Amanda Chin Yee, Director, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Known to be an avid community builder with a passion for social justice, Amanda is focused on building impactful partnerships across all of Singleton’s program offerings especially for underserved communities.
Jeff Davidoff

Jeff Davidoff, Strategy and Marketing Advisor

Passionate about the power of ideas to tackle the great challenges of our time. Wondros CMO, Walton Isaacson President, Donuts CMO, ONE CMO, Orbitz CMO, Whirlpool CMO, MBA Northwestern University, B.A. Dartmouth College.
Tara Farrell

Tara Farrell, Manager Research, Rights and Clearances

Tara has over fifteen years of experience as an archive producer, clearance supervisor and photo editor for clients such as Sony Television, CNN, NIKE, Apple TV, NBC, Discovery and Netflix.
Margaret Golonka

Margaret Golonka, Project Manager, Tucson Community Commitment

As a project manager for the Foundation, Margaret primarily manages the Tucson Community Commitment, an initiative which aims to see how the Foundation’s work can help to increase a community’s financial health.”
Ryan Groves

Ryan Groves, Head of Entrepreneurship

Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur and educator with a background in tech, non-profit, and social enterprise. He has a masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine and a BS in Business from Oklahoma Christian.
Erik Bass

Jeff Hare, Public Relations

Jeff Hare is an entertainment PR executive that has included positions at Walt Disney, Warner Bros and Head of Publicity at DreamWorks. He is a three-time nominee for the Les Mason award (Publicist of the Year)
Beth Harris

Beth Harris, Head of Game Marketing

Beth brings extensive marketing expertise from her career at firms like Disney, BBC Worldwide, Dolby and The Oscars, including managing global franchise brands at ABC Studios, and BBC Games.
Danny Harris

Danny Harris, Producer

Los Angeles based Freelance Producer known for Producing TV Variety, Music, Comedy, Award Specials, Live Televised Events, DVD’s, Streaming Broadcasts, Home Videos, Commercials and Internet Branded Media Projects.
Roger Hector

Roger Hector, Executive Producer, Venture Valley

Serial Entrepreneur / Corp Exec. Produced top video games & game franchises producing over $5 billion in revenue for Disney, Sega, Electronic Arts, Universal Studios, & Atari.
Geoff Howard

Geoff Howard, CFO/COO

Geoff has held numerous finance and operations leadership roles throughout his career in the tech industry. He holds a B.S. in accounting from Indiana University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.
Shelley Miles

Shelley Miles, CEO

Shelley has led entertainment and technology businesses including Disney Interactive and Disney Records and Music. She was a founder of the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House, and has served on several nonprofit boards.
Andy Mogren

Andy Mogren, Pre-Editor

Andy is an award winning filmmaker and a 2 time Emmy nominated producer, editor, writer, director and animator. His philosophy making content is to always keep the viewer entertained.
Nick Night

Nick Night, Producer, Venture Valley

Nick is a seasoned executive in animation and gaming, specializing in creating and developing original concepts. He is also an award-winning, world-renowned magician with stage and television appearances in over 30 countries.
Nikki Noborikawa

Nikki Noborikawa, Senior Marketing Manager

Passionate about all things digital media, Nikki has spent her career working with millennial brands and specializing in creating digital content for entertainment news, the nonprofit sector, and more.
jessica patel

Jessica Patel, Head of Content and Learning Resources

Jessica has spent her award-winning career in the editorial space as a journalist, and business leader. She has worked or created content for Bankrate, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Gap and HerMoney, among others.
Landon Phillips

Landon Phillips, Head of Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Landon’s love for innovation emerged during his career in higher education. A founder of his university’s Innovation Lab, he’s been a writer, producer, and professor, prizing creativity and innovation in every endeavor.
Rachael Pope

Rachael Pope, Art Director

Known as a unique voice in the design space. Rachael holds a MS in Communications Design from Pratt Institute and strives for creating a more empathetic and equitable world by addressing global accessibility challenges.
Lea Reed

Lea Reed, Community Manager, Million Stories

Lea began her career as a Project Manager and Marketing Specialist for an energy efficiency company in Boston before moving to Los Angeles to continue in the marketing sector for several foundations and clients.
Jim Rosebush

Jim Rosebush, Advisor

Founder and CEO of GrowthStrategy, Inc. Bestselling author of three books, columnist for Real Leaders Magazine, businessinsider.com and frequent public speaker. Jim is responsible for developing our external funding initiatives.
Jan Ross

Jan Ross, Head of Content Production and Acquisition

Jan co-founded Energy Film which was later acquired by Getty Images. After becoming President of the Getty Film Division, she was recruited by the BBC where she launched and led BBC Worldwide Learning in the Americas.
Monaco Schmidt

Monaco Schmidt, Operations and Project Lead, Slyngshot

Monaco has a passion for building community around big ideas. Managing TED events cultivated her experience with logistics, production, & organization management. She is the Singletons’ Special Project Coordinator.
Grace Searles

Grace Searles, Creative Project Coordinator

Throughout a previous position in digital coordination for DownEast Magazine, Grace developed a love for the creative process and a skill for project coordinating that she now brings to the foundations creative team.
Reiley Selinger

Reiley Selinger, Social Media Manager

Previous Reporter for Laughing Place LLC, as well as Attractions Cast Member at Disneyland. Reiley uses her passion for video games to create entertaining content for the Venture Valley!

Molly Stone

Molly Stone, Philanthropic Advisor

The Artemis Agency is a full service philanthropic advisory firm for the entertainment industry and beyond. We support the Foundation with partnerships, talent engagement, event programming, the Advisory Council & more.
Phoebe Voss

Phoebe Voss, Slyngshot University Relations

Phoebe Voss works on the Singleton Foundation’s Slyngshot team to create content. She graduated from Abilene Christian University with a BS in Graphic Design/Advertising. She’s a lover of all things art and movies.



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