Advancing our core mission of economic
empowerment for everyone.

We’re approaching this problem with an array of unique initiatives, powerful tools, and partnerships.

Cracking the code:
Our approach.

Our programs are built around the fact that financial competence and entrepreneurship are based on positive actions that lead to positive habits.

  • Leverage the power of entertainment/storytelling to invite users in.
  • Listen to their needs & interests.
  • Personalize their journey with customized content and tools.
  • Break things down into specific, tangible, and actionable behaviors.
  • Keep the emphasis on engagement.
  • Build community support to help them stay on track.
  • Rinse and repeat – build a reinforcing virtuous cycle of interaction.

Million Stories Media

Entertainment that’s right on the money.

Our free digital entertainment channel uses the power of storytelling to capture attention, break the taboo of talking about money, and inspire its audience to take control of their financial future. In addition to great programming, Million Stories provides trustworthy learning resources to help them do it. All bite-size and mobile-first.

With more than 20 series of all kinds, Million Stories content has reached over 100 million viewers, and developed an engaged audience of over 500,000 followers and subscribers—and is growing fast.

Venture Valley

Venture Valley is a fast-paced business simulation video game where players take on the role of an entrepreneur, pitting their learned business savvy against others. Venture Valley is free and available now with no in-app purchases or ads on mobile (iOS and Android) and PC (via Steam). 

Discovery Education, the largest online digital learning resource site for educators in the world, has integrated Venture Valley in more than half of all U.S. schools.  Reaching over 45 million students and 4.5 million educators, Discover Venture Valley has compelling teaching and learning resources, like educational guides, classroom activities and videos accessible to anyone at


Introducing the Foundation’s newest platform, Slyngshot. A free web app that makes it easy for anyone to create and launch an idea. An innovative, research-backed process guides users through every step of the idea-building process. Allowing them to create a functional, shareable business plan in a matter of minutes. Slyngshot is the Foundation’s opportunity to move our viewers from inspiration, to ideas, to action—no matter who or where they are.


In 2021, we set out to address the financial future of an entire city—Tucson, Arizona. We joined forces with community leaders, businesses and nonprofits to provide financial education to raise the skills of the whole city.

We believe the knowledge and skills that will emerge from this initiative will create jobs, new business, and economic opportunities that will benefit the entire city. And our hope is that this will become a national model for raising the outcomes of whole communities.

The CEO Prize

One of our proudest initiatives is the Singleton CEO Prize for Excellence in Business Leadership. Honoring the best of the best, this is a lifetime achievement award that recognizes a living CEO whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision, focus, and commitment, and whose work has produced exceptional returns for shareholders over many years.

As part of the award of our CEO Prize for Excellence in Business Leadership, we also celebrate a non-profit, selected by our honoree, whose work aligns with our mission, to receive a gift of $250,000.

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Introducing the newest product of the Singleton Foundation, Groove. It’s a free web app that helps you master your money, one habit at a time. It uses goal setting to build healthy financial habits, encouraging users through positive reinforcement and bite-sized learning content. 




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