Summertime – things are heating up in both temperature and the economy. World Entrepreneurship Day is August 21 – and we are putting the spotlight on Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs fuel our communities, create jobs and have a way of thinking that helps us all.

This summer marks the launch of our newest program, the EntrepreneurShop providing an ecosystem of actionable learning and community.  We have a fascinating new show on Million Stories, Ramen Profitable, which showcases entrepreneurs and how they were able to reach profitability. Our blog, Million More Stories is showcasing how entrepreneurs solve problems and pivot through in our Making Lemonade series. And we are highlighting one of our valued partners, NFTE who have been in the business of educating young entrepreneurs for over 30 years.  I had the pleasure of watching their young entrepreneurs in action and came away so inspired.

 We’ve now been live for 1 year, and we’ve had our content viewed nearly 100 million times across our various channels.

This has been a year of both growth and learning from our partners and those who serve. 

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. 

— Shelley Miles, CEO

Our one-of-a-kind entertainment channel.About to reach 100 million views.

Million Stories’ programming has so much to offer! Goal Getters takes you inside Steve Aoki’s music career and Payal’s ClassPass. Making Lemonade highlights entrepreneurs making the impossible possible. And say hello to two new series: George Goes Everywhere proves you can travel big time on $100, and Ramen Profitable spotlights early-stage founders.

To break the taboo of talking about money, we hosted a chat with Tori Dunlap from Her First $100K. Hundreds of entries poured in for our first-ever contest, featuring impressive user generated content. Meet the winners and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting stories coming soon. www.millionstories.com

Coming This Fall!

The new multiplayer game Venture Valley is building its arsenal of promotional partners this summer preparing for the game’s Fall launch. Two exciting alliances include CSL Esports, operators of the nation’s largest high school and collegiate esports league and Super League Gaming, a global leader in esports. venturevalleygame.com

The EntrepreneurShop

We’re excited to announce the EntrepreneurShop is officially live! Visit the site to download our free ebook, get updates on future resources/events, and find out how you can help support aspiring founders. We also conducted our first live workshop with students from Pepperdine University, with plans for many more!

We’re immensely proud of our partners, who share our mission and vision and help support the Foundation and Million Stories through sponsorship, content sharing, marketing and PR support. They help amplify our message, enable us to reach specific communities in need, and provide us the opportunity to tell more stories. Learn more about partnership opportunities here.


Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship — NFTE

NFTE is a global nonprofit focused on activating the entrepreneurial mindset and building the startup skills in young people in low-income communities. NFTE integrates our real stories from entrepreneurs into NFTE’s Career Relaunch and high school programs. Check out NFTE resources and tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Million Stories Resources.

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