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Financial Literacy

It means personal freedom. It means security. It means a better society.

An ambitious slate of initiatives.

We’re working on a diverse array of projects to advance our core mission of economic empowerment for everyone.

Our mission.

What is Financial Literacy?

We’re dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship and making financial literacy fun, engaging and accessible to all.

At The Singleton Foundation, our purpose is to promote that financial freedom is economic freedom and financial empowerment for everyone.

We intend to raise awareness of the problem, effect change and improve lives through a variety of programs, including a first-of-its-kind entertainment channel, educational advocacy, social impact partnerships, gaming, and our Singleton CEO Prize for Excellence in Business Leadership.

We believe economic freedom is attainable by all, and its attainment  is rooted in financial competence. Our goal is to help give everyone the financial skills they need to better manage their lives and their businesses.

” The number one problem in today’s generation is lack of financial literacy. “

— Alan Greenspan
Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States, 1987 – 2006

Being financially literate makes an incredibly positive difference in a person’s life. It means you have the ability to save money, avoid debt, enjoy a prosperous retirement, reduce stress and worry, and have the freedom to live the life you wish.

Financial problems are among the biggest stressors in life and in relationships. Learning to set goals and plan, and knowing where both the opportunities and risks lie are essential skills that take you on the path to the life you want while arming you with knowledge.


Understanding how budgets, spending, saving, borrowing and investing all fit together puts you in charge of your future and lets you be an effective CEO of your life. Knowing how to create and build a business prepares you to face the challenges of an ever-changing world—or maybe even to change the world.


We’re Here to Make a Difference


54% of Americans say they spend more than they earn. (Pew)


81% of parents feel it is their responsibility to teach their kids about money and savings (Kiplinger/VISA study)


78% of Americans say they could benefit from expert help. (National Foundation for Credit Counseling)

The benefits of a financially literate populace are far-reaching, growing exponentially and improving almost every aspect of life.

On an individual basis, financial literacy means smarter, more profitable decisions at every stage of life. For example, a recent study from the TIAA-CREF Institute shows that people with a high degree of financial literacy are more likely to plan for retirement, and that people who plan for retirement have more than double the wealth of people who don’t plan for retirement.

Financial literacy also means greater financial rewards. It means people will borrow less, accumulate greater wealth, and pay less in fees related to financial products. They’ll be more likely to invest, less likely to experience difficulty with debt, and more likely to know the terms of their mortgages and other loans.

Imagine the dramatic effect it will have as more and more people become financially well-educated and live happier, more lucrative lives. It all adds up to a healthier, more prosperous economy, more jobs, a happier population, and even less crime.

Financial capability has profound implications for the well-being of your community and our nation’s economic health. For us to  have the strongest, most globally competitive economy possible, it’s simple. Our citizens must be able to manage their financial lives well.

” Someone is sitting in the shade today
because someone planted a tree a long time ago. “

— Warren Buffett

Our purpose is to promote economic freedom and financial empowerment for everyone. And we’re going to do it in ways that have never been done before.

Your average cat video? 15 million views. Your average financial literacy video? About 12 views. Is it any wonder why?


Besides the basic adorableness of cats, most financial education content we’ve seen is, let’s be frank, pretty dull. It’s often dated. Difficult to understand. Or skewed to try and sell you something. It’s no wonder people aren’t motivated to watch or read this stuff.


It’s a pity, because the subjects of money and entrepreneurship are, by their very nature, fascinating. Full of drama and humor and rich in rewards. Our individual relationship to money is fundamental to who we are as a person; it ties in to our very survival. This is a subject that should never be dull.


We believe that learning about money can be compelling, funny, interesting, exciting, dramatic…all the things you’d expect from the best of programming. It’s information that should be easy to find and access, timely, relevant, easy to digest, and completely trustworthy. It can be created in ways that are interesting and entertaining to a five-year old or an eighty-year old. And it can be so good, viewers won’t even realize they’re learning.


That’s our goal. We’re going to present financial education material in a way that’s rarely, if ever, been done before, and we’re going to target it very specifically so everyone will be able to quickly find great information that is relevant to their situation.


To our knowledge, the words “financial literacy video” and “hilarious” have never been used in the same sentence, at least without the adjoining word, “not”. We intend to change all that.


It’s a simple premise: You can’t bore people into being smart about money.


Let’s see what happens when learning is even more fun than watching a cat fall off a couch.

Innovating in Three Key Areas

  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Publicity & Advocacy

Our Initiatives


An immersive, exciting simulation with real-world prizes. Build your businesses. Your wealth. Your financial know-how.

Million Stories Media

Financial learning as you’ve never seen it before. Entertaining, funny, powerful, memorable and more relevant than ever.

CEO Prize

Honoring the best of the best. Individuals who’ve produced tremendous results and whose work has served as an inspiration.



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