The Pilot Program Aims to Help the Entire Community Equip Themselves With The Financial Skills to Plan for Better Financial Futures

October 7, 2021, LOS ANGELES, CA — The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship, the non-profit organization who uses the power of entertainment to engage and inspire viewers to take control of their financial futures, announces today their first Community Commitment pilot program will launch in the city of Tucson, Arizona. This free, first of its kind, six-month program offers every member of the community access to digital information and tools to develop the skills necessary to plan their financial futures with confidence. Together with local industry leaders, the foundation is launching the program with a full learning system to guide users through core financial and entrepreneurship topics and education with fun and entertaining content to encourage community members to view themselves as the CEO of their own lives. The program, which is available in both English and Spanish, is multi-faceted with inspiring and entertaining video content, interactive learning activities, hands-on entrepreneurship workshops and the Venture Valley mobile and PC game rolling out throughout this initiative.

With three major components to the Singleton Foundation’s mission, community members can utilize and view the free- to- use content to open the conversation of talking about money, become more financially skilled and inspire entrepreneurism and small business ownership.  The components are:

  • Million Stories Media
    This free digital channel uses the power of entertainment to capture attention, create change, and promote entrepreneurship to inspire individual achievement by making financial competence engaging and fun for everyone.
    For more information about Million Stories Media, please visit
  • Venture Valley
    The free-to-play esports-style multiplayer mobile and PC game that lets you put your business savvy against friends and foes. Compete to see who has the chops to be the top executive in the Valley while learning entrepreneurial and financial skills.
    For more information about Venture Valley, please visit
  • The EntrepreneuerShop
    The one-stop resource with everything you’ll need to start and grow a business, all free.  This is where entrepreneurs of all types will come to find the content, tools, and community they’ll need to reach their goals making it possible for anyone, anywhere to make entrepreneurship a part of their life. For more information about the EntrepreneurShop please visit

By going through instructional guides which combine inspiring entertainment content with learning activities, community members will get information geared directly to them which will equip them with a better understanding of financial issues and how to go about improving their financial situation.  After completing easy-to-use programs, users will test their money smarts and set goals. Additionally, the Singleton Foundation will be hosting various workshops with different groups within the community to provide more in-depth training.

The guides will include modules that focus on the following types of users:

  • Individuals
  • High School Students
  • Families
  • Small Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
  • College Students
  • Job Seekers

“The Community Commitment program is an important initiative for our foundation” said Shelley Miles, CEO of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship.  “Financial health and independence can best be achieved through both learning and applying financial skills. We believe that financial literacy and entrepreneurship are two sides of the same coin to effectively be the CEO of their life. We want to give everyone in the community the tools to succeed and we’re doing it in a fun and engaging way. ”

“We can’t do this alone however,” Miles adds. “We have an important team of Tucson community leaders who serve on our Steering Committee.  They have embraced our program and taken a leadership role in bringing this initiative to life. Imagine believing in your community so much that an entire city is willing to take on the issue of financial competence.  This kind of commitment to the wellbeing of the entire community is a very powerful statement. We are so fortunate to work with such an inspiring group.The Tucson Steering Committee members are:

  • Ana Greif / CEO, JobPath, Inc.
  • Chuck Zaepfel / District Director, Junior Achievement of Arizona
  • Dave Mason / President/CEO, San Miguel High School
  • Dominic Ortega / Community Leader
  • Ellen Howlett / Retired CFO , AGM Container Controls, Inc.
  • Hector M Treto / Co-founder and Creator, Vib’n LLC
  • Howard Stewart / President/CEO, AGM Container Controls, Inc.
  • James Craig / Dean of Business/Information Technology, Pima Community College
  • Jean Gadea / CPA Tucson
  • Liz Pocock / CEO, Startup Tucson
  • Melissa D’Auria / Assoc VP of Communications & Engagement, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona
  • Nancy Johnson / CEO, El Rio Community Health Center
  • Paul Mendoza / Co-founder and Creator, Vib’n LLC
  • Tony Penn / President and CEO, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

“We are pleased to partner with the Singleton Foundation on this important community initiative” said Tony Penn, President & CEO of United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona.  ‘Financial Wellness is core to our mission at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona.  Our job is to unite people, ideas, and resources to build a thriving community and this partnership on community commitment is achieving just that.”

This six-month pilot program will conclude in April 2022 during Financial Literacy Month.  For more information about the Tucson Community Commitment please visit:

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